The General Store Experience

A business that has specialty ingredient mixes and recipes to allow you to relax in life, and have meal times prepared easier. Also a great fundraising source!

About Us

Meal preparation for a family of 6 soon became a task that bordered on BORING!!  So starting in our kitchen at home, we soon discovered adding a little of this and a little of that meals became fast, easy and interesting.   But not consistent.  So each meal became an experiment where ingredients were measured and recorded – VIOLA – the birth of Balderson Creations  a.k.a . the General Store Experience. 

Labels and ziplock bags became staples in our home.  Meal planning became easier and anyone could do it.   Each flavour and product was added to our growing list when we discovered something we loved, found the original too time consuming to make; when all a person had to do was substitute dry ingredients and then simplify the process.

The General Store Experience is now giving you the opportunity to free up your time and present your family with taste explosions they’ll love.  Try each of our scrumptious offerings for yourself and/or use these as a Fundraising adventure for local charities in your community.

Enjoy – From our Home to Yours.

-All of us here at the General Store Experience