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About Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga has been one of the fastest growing types of yoga in the world for the last decade. Hot yoga is designed to mimic the temperatures in India where yoga originated. It has taken all of the benefits that westerners enjoy from yoga and enhanced them. To name a few there is increased flexibility in the muscles, yoga stimulates organs and increases detoxification. Also with the help of the heat the lymphatic systems moves the toxins through the body more effectively, the heat also allows muscles to be heated up faster reducing chance of injury within a class as the muscles are relaxed

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About RDHY

Our studio acknowledges that yoga is a personal practice and that everyone’s body is different, we have taken the basic principles of a hot yoga class and evolved it to allow all people to find a perfect balance between Ease and Stability within every class. By using safe and controlled temperatures and using a variety of styles of yoga taught by a variety of inspirational teachers, our focus is authenticity and self exploration. Every 90 minute class is targeted to stimulate every system of the body with safe temperatures that are easy to acclimatize for all people. Temperatures average around 40 degrees C with an average humidity of 40-65%. Our studio runs classes 7 days a week and we have a very flexible schedule that is designed to allow even the busiest of people to practice, we use a punch card system and for all you budgeting students we have discounted rates!

Find your authentic self and become part of The Evolution of Hot Yoga!!!

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