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Impulse Computers

Specializing in Desktops, laptops, netbooks, printers, routers, cables, internal and external hard drives, cooling products, memory, USB products, keyboards, speakers, adapters, network switches, processors, computer and electronic cleaning products, software, motherboards, video cards, writable CD's and DVD's, battery backup, surge protectors, GPS's, digital picture frames, and much more!Fun accessories like USB powered Christmas trees, fans, lights, lava lamps, cup warmers, and mini computer vacuums, all powered by plugging right into your computer’s USB!

Lots of Blackberry, iPod, and iPhone accessories! Cases, skins, chargers, accessory kits, Bluetooth products, holders, cords and cables, screen protectors, fm transmitters, iPod docking stations, adapters, a wide variety of wicked and earhugger headphones, and much more!

Have a scratched up CD, DVD, or game disc? Bring it in and we can fix it for you!

Having any problems with your computer? We also offer computer service and repairs!